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xo kitty book

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Xo kitty is finally here!! and I want season 2 alreadyyy!! Also the first thing I searched when xo kitty was announced was if there was a book. Well… there’s no book but it has a lot of popular book & k-drama tropes!!

What is XO, Kitty about?

Xo kitty is a spin off series of 10 episodes  from its original film & book series “To all the boys have loved before” it follows the youngest covey sister Kitty (Anna Cathcart) who’s especially known as a matchmaker, applies for  the Korean Independent School of Seoul, which is same school her mom went and where her long-distance boyfriend Dae attends and gets accepted.

In order to find more connection with her mom and reunite with Dae kitty starts her journey to Korea. But soon she realizes it’s not as easy as it seems and we get to see her journey discovering life, secrets, friendship & more.

There is romance, heartbreak, drama and enough K-Pop music to fill your summer playlist and fans are already eager for a second season. So, here is everything we know so far about the series, XO, Kitty.

xo kitty

XO Kitty / Netflix


  • Sequel of To All the Boys
  • Set in Korea
  • Enemies to Lovers, Penpals
  • Fake Dating , Roommates
  • Secrets
  • Found Family
xo kitty

XO Kitty / Netflix

Xo, Kitty Cast:

  • Anna Cathcart as Kitty Song Covey
  • Choi Min-young as Dae-heon Kim
  • Gia Kim as Yuri
  • Sang Heon Lee as Min Ho
  • Yunjin Kim as Jina
  • Michael K Lee as Professor Lee
  • Peter Thurnwald as Alex
  • Anthony Keyvan as Quincy
  • Théo Augier Bonaventure as Florian
  • Jocelyn Shelfo as Madison Miller
  • Regan Aliyah as Juliana
  • Ok Taec-yeon as Ocean Park
  • Han Chae-young as Dami
  • Sarayu Blue as Trina
  • John Corbett as Dan Covey


Xo Kitty, I’ve been waiting for THIS since 2021 and it didn’t disappoint. I had no idea what to expect when the spin off announcement was posted but I really hoped to get Lara Jean and Peter’s cameo. Anyway, I loved Kitty, enjoyed her story, loved the new characters and the whole theme even though it felt really fast paced. I’m not gonna lie, some parts were really cheesy and unnecessary. Overall I loved it but not as much as TABT. S1 finale definitely left some crumbs that hints for season 2 and I’m really excited to find out where xo takes us next and really hoping to see the og characters more Minho and Kitty.

‘XO, Kitty’ Season 1 Questions and Ending Explained 

The season finale ends with kitty packing for going to the states, saying goodbyes to her friends and getting closure with dae and processing min ho love confession.

Is there any “Xo, Kitty” book?

➸ No, but the characters are from to all the boys 

Do you need to watch or read the “to all the boys” trilogy before xo, kitty?

➸ Not really! But to have a better experience you should watch the movies first. The main caracter of xo kitty is part of all 3 movies and fan favorites

Who does Kitty end up with ?

Min Ho

Are Lara Jean and Peter in “Xo, Kitty”?

➸ I was really hoping for a Lara jean peter cameo but short clips of the 3 movies appears when mentions them and a few times sending emails.

Do Kitty and Dae end up together?

No, Kitty and Dae break up on good terms.

Are Minho and Yuri siblings?

No, but in real life the characters are.

Does Kitty have a secret sibling?


What happened between Eve and Jina?

They lost touch.

Will there be a season 2 ? release date, predictions, cast

There’s no official announcement by Netflix about season 2 but the way xo kitty ending left off (kinda in a cliffhanger) and the situation between kitty and min ho and the possibility of kitty coming back to korea that kind of hints of a season 2. Netflix usually renews shows based on the success and fans demand and xo, kitty has already taken the spot in top 10 list so we can expect a s2 announcement in a few months. 

Xo, Kitty Season 2 Predictions:

Well… there’s no doubt kitty is coming back to korea to attend K.I.S.S. if yuri can convince her mother (which she will) and based on the season finale and fans demand we better get more kitty and min ho. Also we might get to see more of dae’s story and meet some new characters. And more importantly the og characters,Peter and Lara Jean cameo?? Sign me uppp

Also there’s still mystery with Simon. Before kitty left Jina gave her a letter that kitty’s mom Eve wrote about her teen life and a mystery character Simon so we might get to see kitty resolving 


  • Nobody – Anna of the North
  • Spinning – GRAE
  • HOT – Seventeen
  • Telepathy – BTS
  • BAAM – Momoland
  • Pink Venom – Blackpink
  • What You Waiting For – JEON SOMI
  • Make Me Live (Live) – Djmike
  • Whatcha Thinka Me Now – Rayelle
  • Up and Away – Dead End Kids
  • Darl+ing – SEVENTEEN

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