Eras Tour Book Recs : Book Recs Based On Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour (44 books)

Eras Tour Book Recs

Eras tour book recs – If you’re an international swiftie like me who spends her entire weekend watching clips of the eras tour let’s be friends alreadyyy.

It’s absolutely mind blowing how we get to experience each and every era all over again (well for me through my phone -_-) but it still counts! And I also get to read books that actually feel like Taylor Swift each era. No I’m not insane I really mean it!

Books and Music are my absolute two favorite things and I love to connect the lyrics with every book I read. So I took the opportunity and picked some books that actually feel like Taylor Swift eras.

The Eras tour has approximately 44 songs and 2 surprise acoustic songs every week. And I chose some of my favorite tracks off the setlist from each era so you can read some book vibing with everyone on the era’s tour until tay tay announces international dates! <3

Taylor Swift each era represents a different phase of her life and career, and has its own unique sound and style. The Eras tour starts with the intro of Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince (shortened) And few of lovers track to fearless, evermore, reputation, speak now, red , folklore and lastly 1989.

I don’t own all the pictures used in this post or on my edits, so I always mention the source and credits as all the rights go to respective owners. But I only claim the editing so please contact me if you have any problem. Thank you.

All the pictures used in this post are from Goodreads and Taylor Swift

sooo …are you Ready For It?

Lover Era

“Lover” is Taylors seventh studio album and the first era in the eras tour. It has the largest track list which has 18 tracks total but she only played 5 tracks (‘Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince’, ‘Cruel Summer’, ‘The Man’, ‘You Need to Calm Down, ‘Lover’ & ‘The Archer’) and I chose 3 of my favorites off this era.

1. ‘Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince’ – Once Upon a Broken Heart

Eras Tour Book Recs

A book about a pink haired girl and a prince who breaks hearts? Definitely screams Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince. The Ballad of Never After is the sequel to Once Upon a Broken Heart, a spin-off of the popular Caraval trilogy by Stephanie Garber. And you’re most likely want to run away with them too.

2. ‘Cruel Summer’ – The Summer I Turned Pretty

Eras Tour Book Recs

The ultimate summer anthem only belongs to this book series. With summer approaching along with the new season of the summer I turned pretty I couldn’t think of a better book to match this song. The Summer I Turned Pretty is about belly who spends summer at the cousins beach every year with her mom and brother at her mom best friend Susan’s beach house. It has the ultimate summer vibes that will make you scream “But ooh, whoa, oh, It’s a cruel summer”

Spoiler Alert : The first season has cruel summer in the first episode.

3. ‘The Archer’ – Happy Place 

Eras Tour Book Recs

If I’ve to describe the main character of a happy place, I’d just say this verse. It follows ex-fiance’s Harriet and Wyn who were together for almost a decade and share the same friends group. In order to not ruin their annual weeklong vacation for everyone they have to pretend to be together for a while. This story is written from Harriet’s pov and it’s a dual timeline which keeps jumping from “Happy Place” which are times throughout Harriet’s life with friends and Wyn and all her happy moments to “Real Life” which is the present time where everything is a mess. And she thinks everyone could see right through her. 

Fearless Era

The next Fearless era starts with “fearless” and has total 3 songs “Fearless”, “You Belong With Me, “Love Story” and 3 of them are my favorite so I was really excited to choose 3 of my favorite books too.

1. ‘Fearless’ – Cruel King

Eras Tour Book Recs

I absolutely love the “dancing in the rain” trope in romance book and I’ve a few book recs that match this song but I only chose this book because it has an exact scene of the mmc dragging the Fmc into the rain and becoming fearless and strong throughout the book just like the lyrics. Cruel king is book #0 in the royal elite series and can be read as standalone.

2. ‘You Belong With Me’ – People We Meet on Vacation

Eras Tour Book Recs

Well… I was really confused which Emily Henry book to choose for this song between ‘Beach Read’ and ‘People We Meet on Vacation’. Because beach read has an exact reference of you belong with me where the main characters write something in their notebook and hold them up and pass messages and also mentions

“This reminds me of that Taylor Swift video.” 

But eventually I picked the latter because Alex and Poppy are the ultimate friends to lovers and throughout the years in dual timelines they prove they only belong with each other forever and always.

3. ‘Love Story’ – Powerless

Eras Tour Book Recs

Imagine your life is a mess, everything is wrong and going downhill, you have no idea what to do with yourself so you just want your prince charming to come and take you somewhere far away, worry about nothing and make your own love story. Well that’s kind of the theme of powerless where a runaway bride Slone takes a road trip with her childhood friend Jasper to escape reality for a while which takes them on a whole different journey.

Evermore Era

I was really expecting “Folklore” before “Evermore” but the aesthetic of evermore is perfect right after “Fearless”. The setlist has ‘Tis the Damn Season”, “Willow”, “Marjorie”, “Champagne Problems”, “Tolerate It”

1. ‘Willow – Twisted Games

Royal forbidden romance where the princess sneaks out to meet her lover after dark who had a rough traumatic childhood and the sunshine princess will do everything to help him heal. I don’t think there’s anything more fitting than these lyrics to describe twisted games. Also if you liked the princess diaries you will love this book. This is the 2nd book in the twisted series but can be read as standalone.  

2.’Champagne Problems’ – Little Women 

I tried to pick contemporary books for all the songs but nothing can replace little woman for champagne problems. This song is only made for Jo and Laurie periodt. That’s it, that’s all.

3. ‘Tolerate It’ – Deception Trilogy

This song was originally inspired by a book called “Rebecca” which is a gothic novel where an unnamed young woman who impetuously marries a wealthy widower, before discovering that both he and his household are haunted by the memory of his late first wife, the title character. But I chose the “Deception Trilogy” which I think explores all the meanings of “tolerate it” . I can’t say much without spoiling as the 3 books have multiple timelines but mostly from the Fmc pov to not be able to tolerate this anymore and break free and leave them in ruins…

Reputation Era

When I say I’m in my villain era I just play “Reputation”. This era has only 4 tracks, “Ready For It?”, “Delicate”, “Don’t Blame Me”, “Look What You Made Me Do”.

1.‘…Ready for It? – The Inheritance Games

When you become a billionaire heiress overnight but have to solve countless mysteries, riddles and puzzles and go on an emotional rollercoaster journey with someone you might have feelings. The Inheritance Games is about Avery who gets stuck in this messy situation but definitely ready for it. it’s part of a trilogy, can be read as standalone but for best experience you should read the whole series.

2. ‘Delicate’ – Addicted series

Childhood bestfriends Lily and Loren pretends to fake date to hide their addictions from their family but as time passes they realize they need to heal for each other and their future. But promise gets broken and their reputation keeps getting worse but they eventually fight their demons for themselves. Addicted to you is a 5 book series and also part of the Calloway sisters series.

3.‘Look What You Made Me Do’ –  Mindfuck Series

Lana Myers, that’s it, that’s all, I don’t need to say anything because this verse sums up the whole book and everyone should read this series. It follows Logan who is an FBI agent in search of a serial killer who happens to be her girlfriend but he doesn’t find out till book 4. But there’s more plot in the series as we get to see the backstory and how Lana rose up from the dead to take revenge from people who made her do horrible things.

The Speak Now Era

Well the “Speak Now” era has only 1 track which is “Enchanted” but it’s okay because we’re getting speak now tv on July 7!!! But I chose 3 books that match the lyrics of enchanted anyway!


1.The Finisher (Dark Verse #4)

Your eyes whispered, “Have we met?” Is it just me or this reminds me of the amnesia, second chance romance trope? The Finisher is the 4th book in the dark verse series and I would have loved to recommend this as a standalone but it’s better in order so you won’t get spoiled. It’s about Alpha and Zephyr who were childhood friends to lovers but something happens and they fall apart but 10 years later they meet again but our Alpha has no memory of his past so when Zephyr approaches him with an unresisting deal he gets wrapped in the familiar warmth and his eyes whispered, “Have we met?” and he was definitely enchanted to meet her.

2. Charlie, Love and Clichés

When they accidentally meet at a diner starting a conversation and spending the whole evening….he sneaks notes into her books every chance he gets… yup this second chance, workplace romance is absolutely fitting with this song. Charlie, Love and Clichés is Ella Maise newest release and you should read this to experience fluffy workplace rom com through William and Charlie.

3. Better than the movies 

Last but not the least I was enchanted to read this book. Better than the movies, a contemporary, ya, book. Which not only has quotes from 2000s romcom but also gives us an experience of that. Wes and Liz are neighbors and childhood enemies to lovers but Liz needs his help so she can get her crush’s attention. As they start fake dating she realizes she has feelings for Wes which keeps her up at night with questions who does she has feelings for (well we know how does that ends)

Red Era

“Red” has only 4 tracks, “22”, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”, “I Knew You Were Trouble”, “All Too Well (10-Minute Version)”. Here are my favorites

1. ’22’ – Collided

You’re miserable but that’s magical because it’s your 22nd birthday and you should totally forget about the deadline and everything and just blast 22 tv which is exactly what Sophie does in ‘Collided’ to celebrate 22nd birthday. Collided is the 2nd book in the dirty air series and can be read as standalone.

2. ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ – King of Pride

Grumpy reserved mmc falls for the sunshine badass Fmc who barged into his life bringing troubles but also teaches him to enjoy life. Flying into places…. Isabella and Kai discover more about each other, even through all the trouble and family drama they find peace in themselves.
King of pride is the 2nd book in the king of sin series which is interconnected standalones.

3. ‘All Too Well (10 Minute Version)’ – November 9

There are so many songs that remind me of All Too Well, especially the 10 min version but I can’t stop connecting the lyrics with November 9. This book is about Ben and Fallon. Fallon is set to move across the country but their instant connection leads them to spend the last day together where they discover more about themselves and before they leave they make a deal to meet each other every November 9 for the next 5 years and things takes turn to different directions and they discover past secrets and brutal truths.

Folklore Era

“Folklore” has the longest track list on the eras tour tied with “Midnights” which is 7. “The 1”, “Betty”, “The Last Great American Dynasty”, “August”, “Illicit Affairs”, “My Tears Ricochet”, &”Cardigan.

1.Invisible string – Parallel Series

“I smile, but my throat tightens at his words. Lately I’ve had this odd sense that our time is running out, and I have no idea why

I can’t put it into words how much I love this book. Parallel and intersect are a duet about Nick and Quinn. Quinn keeps dreaming about a man and a whole different life that she thinks she has lived before but that doesn’t make any sense to her until she meets that man in real life and they start to find truth and connect the dots in the short time that’s been tying them in an invisible string. 

2. ‘August’ – Beach Read

Okay … I didn’t pick this book because the Mmc’s name is August (well ..maybe I did). Beach read follows January and August who were college rivals and now beach house neighbors. Eventually they run into each other, form a friendship and make a challenge to switch genres to beat writer’s block as they begin their journey they slip into a moment of time and get lost into memory.

3,‘Cardigan’ – Love and Other Words

A boy next door, whom you spend your childhood reading in your closet, “Love and Other Words” is about Macy and Elliot who are childhood friends to lovers to strangers they have feelings since they met cause they knew everything when they were young but things happened they lose each other and spend the next decade haunted in their what ifs but they find each other again and give themselves a second chance for a happy ending.

1989 Era

Are we actually getting “1989 TV” next? because of the easter eggs? Nvm “1989” has 5 tracks, “Style”, “Blank Space”, “Shake it Off”, “Wildest Dreams” & “Bad Blood”.

1. Style – King of Wrath

Grumpy billionaire Dante who has James Dean look in his eyes… and the classic red lips that defines jewelry heiress Vivian’s character. Dante and Vivian are set in an arranged marriage. They had a rocky start and no matter how many times they go crashing down, they come back every time and of course never go out of style.

2. ‘Shake It Off’ – Heartless

Willa is always vibing with positive energy and jamming shake it off at the top of her lungs because she thinks everything is gonna be alright.  yup that’s how I imagine her in heartless.

2. Bad Blood – Monster Trilogy

“She wasn’t doing anything HEY STOP!” This is me yelling with Taylor while reading the monster trilogy which is about kirill and sasha. Just like any other Rina Kent book it’s hard to explain but in the 2nd book there’s this exact situation where I pictured Sasha saying these lyrics with rage. Monster trilogy books ended on cliffhangers so it’s better to read the 3 books in order.

Midnights Era

And finally we have “Midnights” which has total 7 tracks just like “Folklore”. “Lavender Haze”, “Anti-Hero”, “Midnight Rain”, “Vigilante S—“, “Bejeweled”, “Mastermind”, & “Karma”

1. ‘Lavender Haze’- Book Lovers

Lavender haze is definitely about Nora as she’s always under scrutiny but finds a man that handles everything beautifully even though everything is new to her she feels the lavender haze creepin up on her. Book lovers is a small town rom com about a literary agent and book editor with the ultimate Gilmore Girls vibe.

‘2. Anti-Hero’ – Reminders Of Him

When everyone thinks you’re the problem and your insecurities won’t let you live in peace it’s definitely exhausting always rooting for the anti hero. Kenna Rowan returns to her hometown after 5 years being imprisoned. And everyone thinks she’s the anti hero but eventually she fights her own demons and gets herself back.

3.‘Mastermind’ – Twisted Lies 

Well this probably spoils the book but I can’t find a better book that fits with these lyrics. Twisted lies is the 4th and final book in the twisted series but can be read as standalone and you just need to read this book to find out who’s the mastermind.

You made it to the end!! I’ll be making more songs as books post and hopefully all the surprise songs too. So stay tuned and follow me on the socials so you won’t miss all the freshly brewed contents.

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