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About me 𐙚

Hi, I’m Raka!! (she/her).

I love coffee and books (you probably know that already by my blog.) I’m 20. My personality type is INFP. 

I’ve been a reader as long as my mind stretches back. I love marvel, gilmore girls, stranger things and all the movies and series adaptations of books.

I started creating content (video edits on YouTube) back in May 2020 during lockdown out of boredom. It’s racoffee if you wanna check out. I deleted almost 70% of the contents but I still have some edits on my laptop and unlisted on youtube.

Then I started making bookish content last year to grow myself in the community I love. And officially started my blog and bookstagram this year.

 And I hope to continue doing what I love and make new friends. So drop a hi or dm so we can be friends!

If you have any questions always feel free to contact me via DM or the contact form down below.

–  Find me everywhere @racoffeebooks  ♡

You can also contact me or leave a message here :))

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