Dark Verse Series by Runyx : Book Series Guide

IT ENDS WHERE IT BEGINS…  Sooo… where to begin?? *sighs in Enola*

Dark Verse Series by Runyx guide: reading order, tropes, characters + fancast, aesthetic, my reviews, ranking + thoughts, FAQ’s and more!!

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Dark Verse Series by Runyx : Book Series Guide

I’m still processing how I finished this series in 3 days and MOST IMPORTANTLY I don’t know how am i supposed to wait till Nov/Dec for The Syndicator!!! Dark verse definitely took me on a journey I wasn’t prepared for at all but would I still do anything to read each and every book for the first time again!? Heck yeahhhh

I first read about dark verse last year and added to my tbr and kept putting it off. But I finally gave it a shot this year in June and I AM OBSESSED!!! And already made 3 of my friends to read the whole series. 

When I first thought about starting this series I was really confused as I knew it’s a five book series but there’s also a sixth and final book in the works but no exact details are on goodreads. And whenever I’m starting a book or series I always check what’s that about from blurb, tropes and reviews and make a guide for myself and my friends (because I’m definitely making sure my friends read the books I loveee!!) . So I thought it would be better to make a perfect one with details, reading order, tropes, characters, aesthetic, reviews, FAQ’s and more!! 

Dark Verse Series by Runyx : Book Series Guide :
Dark Verse Series by Runyx : Book Series Guide

➸ About Dark Verse 

Dark Verse Series by Runyx : Book Series Guide
Dark verse books in order

Six books, four couples, one saga… 

Dark verse series has a total of 6 books which follows 4 couples. It’s written in dual pov and from 3rd person. (Except the first two)

All the books are set in the same universe but in different places. And all the characters in this series are interconnected as we meet them throughout the series and we’ll get them together again in the final book as the dark verse series wraps in The Syndicator. The books are really hard to explain but totally worth it even if you dive in without knowing anything about them.

Meet The Characters + Fancast :

Dark Verse Fancast
Dark Verse Series by Runyx : Book Series Guide

My Dark Verse Faves + Ranking:

Books : The Emperor, The Annihilator, The Finisher, The Predator +  The Reaper 

Couples : Dante + Amara, Tristan + Morana, Alpha + Zephyr, Shadowman + Lyla 

Women : Amara Rossi, Zephyr, Lyla, Morana

Men : Dante, Tristan, Alpha, Shadowman (I don’t hate shadowman and he’s not my favorite either but i don’t understand why people hate him so much) 

Friendship : Dante – Morana, Tristan – Amara, Zephyr – Xander??

Dark Verse Books In Order, Tropes, Summaries

Every book in the dark verse series has their own stories that end with each book but are connected to one plot that will bring us to the sixth and the final book “The Syndicater”. 

1. The Predator + The Reaper (Tristan and Morana) 3. The Emperor (Dante and Amara) 4. The Finisher (Alpha and Zephyr) 5. The Annihilator (Shadow Man and Lyla) 6. The Syndicate (All couples)

“The Syndicater (Dark Verse Book 6) releases November/December 2023.”

It is recommended to read the books in order because of the plot and the timeline and also to understand the dark verse universe better and have the best reading experience. 

*Make sure to read the author’s note and trigger warning (Mentioned in FAQS) first as the books keep getting darker as you go.*

All the 5 books are available right now on Amazon.

The Predator +  The Reaper (2019-2020)

— 4.5 stars ✰

Tropes: dark romance, Enemies to lovers, angst, badass fmc, mystery, suspense, plot twists, childhood trauma, found family

The Predator +  The Reaper

The first two books follow Tristan Caine and Morana Vitalio. (The 2nd one starts right where the first one ended). It’s written from 3rd person and only from Morana’s pov. Both of them belong to rival groups which are Shadowport and Tenebrae.

Their story begins when Morana breaks into Tristan’s house as she thinks Tristan has something that belongs to her. As the story progresses the main plot begins to form and we start to meet the characters, and discover long buried secrets, childhood tragedy and how everything is connected as the pieces start to fall together. 

The Emperor runyx

The Emperor (2021)

— 5 stars ✰

Tropes: childhood friends, Forbidden love, dual timeline, she fell first but he fell harder, ptsd,

The emperor runyx

The 3rd book is about Dante Maroni and Amara Rossi who are Tristan’s childhood friends and appear in the first two books. Dante is a mafia heir to the notorious Tenebrae Outfit and Amara is the housekeeper’s daughter. She’s been in love with Dante since she was little and it becomes stronger over the years but she’s too shy to express her feelings.

At age 15, she gets kidnapped and tortured to death for the outfit’s information which she refused to reveal. But soon she’s rescued but her life is never the same as before and we experience the journey of her healing and growing up as a strong woman with the help of the man she dreamt her whole life about. It’s multiple timeline as it switches back to their childhood to adulthood. But there’s more to it as the main plot of the dark verse series gets stronger.

the finisher runyx

The Finisher (2022)

— 4.5 stars ✰

Tropes: Amnesia, marriage of convenience, forced proximity, grumpy X sunshine, second chance

the finisher runyx

The 4th one is about Alessandro ‘Alpha’ Villanova and Zephyr de la Vega. We meet Alpha at the end of the 3rd book,The Emperor. If you read the 3rd book you’ll piece things together and understand how they are connected. Same goes with zephyr by the end of this book (Both are equally one of the top plot twists of dark verse). Alpha and Zephyr were childhood friends as Zephyr promised Alpha’s mom to take care of him for the rest of his life but at 18, Alpha suddenly disappears.

After a decade Zephyr finds him but he doesn’t remember anything as his memories are totally wiped after something that happened 10 years ago but she refuses to lose him again and proposes to him with an undeniable offer of marriage. Seeing the beneficial side, Alpha agrees and Zephyr starts her mission to make him remember and fall in love all over again. As their story progresses we meet the previous couples and find more truth about the syndicate. The finisher kind of ends in a semi cliffhanger giving alpha and zephyr a happy for now as mentioned in the authors note. But we’re definitely getting more in the final book as promised. 

the annihilator runyx

The Annihilator (2022)

— 4.5 stars ✰

Tropes: Dark world, I hate everyone but you, touch her and die, forced proximity, trauma, healing

the annihilator runyx

The last book of the series and the final couple are Shadowman and layla. If you’re done with the last four books you’ll find bits of shadowman as he appears anonymously in all the books and already guess who layla is. Almost everything about this book is connected to the last four and definitely contains spoilers. 

Like the finisher, this book is also a happy for now and we’re getting them all in the final book.

the syndicater runyx

The Syndicater (2023)

This is the sixth and final book of the series that will bring all the characters together one last time as the main plot wraps with the series. 

the syndicater runyx

There’s no official release date yet but it was supposed to come out at the end of 2022 or mid 2023. According to the last newsletter update the release of the syndicater is expected in november or december 2023 and it’s gonna be a live release. 

You can find some teasers on Runyx website and via newsletter.

FAQ  frequently asked questions about “Dark Verse”

I’ve gathered all the questions that I’ve had on my mind throughout my reading + google, goodreads and Runyx instagram (@runyx) . If you still have any questions comment down below or reach out to me via other socials!

*Note: some  of the questions contain huge spoilers so i’d highly recommend reading the books first.*

  1. What is the Dark Verse series about?

➸The Dark Verse series is about 4 couples.

  1. Does the Dark Verse series have to be read in order?

Yes, it is highly recommended to read the dark verse series in order as all the books are interconnected and connected to one plot.

  1. How many books are in the Dark verse?

➸ Dark verse series has a total of 6 books which follows 4 couples. 

  1. What is the order of the Dark Verse series?

  ➸ 1. The Predator (2019)

2 The Reaper (2020)

3 The Emperor (2021)

4 The Finisher (2022)

5 The Annihilator (2022)

6 The syndicate (2023) 

  1. Is there a 6th book in the Dark Verse series?

➸ Yes, the sixth and final book of the series that will bring all the characters together one last time as the main plot wraps with the series

6. When is “The Syndicater” releasing?? ➸ There’s no exact release date yet but “The Syndicater” is expected to release on November/December 2023. It will be a live release, the date of which will be announced a few days before.

7. Is the current cover of The Syndicater the official cover or will there be another one? ➸ It’s not the official cover, it’s just a placeholder cover till we get more details. The actual cover will be revealed closer to release date 

8. Is the Dark Verse series dual pov? ➸ Yes, it’s written in dual pov and from 3rd person. (Except the first two as its only written from Morana’s pov)

9. What is the age rating for the Dark Verse series? ➸The dark verse series is for mature audiences only as all the books keep getting darker and contains details that might be triggering for some readers. So it’s recommended to check the tws before reading. 

10. Is Predator by RuNyx spicy? ➸ All the books in the dark verse contain open door scenes with rating 3-5. 

11. Is Dark Verse mafia romance? ➸ Dark Verse mainly focuses contemporary dark romance with a hint of mafia element.

12. What genre is the Dark Verse series? ➸Romance, Dark, Contemporary, Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Mystery, Crime, New Adult, Fiction, Suspense

13. How old are Dark Verse characters? Almost all the dark verse books explores multiple timelines but all of them are in their mid 20s to 30s.

14.How old is Xander? (SPOILERS) ➸If you have read all the books you already know who he is as we first meet him in The Emperor but they don’t know exactly who he is and anything about him but they guessed his age as 8. According to Runyx we’ll find out more about him in “The Syndicater”

15.Who are Xander and Tempest? (SPOILERS) ➸If you’ve read all the books already you already know as we meet them in “The Predator and The Emperor” Tristan and Morana adopt Xander who’s Lunas son as its revealed “The Annihilator” and Tempest is Dante and Amara daughter. 

16. Are Xander and Tempest couple? ➸ No, they are like siblings

17. Will there be any generation spin off? ➸There’s no details of a spin off series of dark verse yet. But Runyx said in her instagram QnA she has certain stories about the characters but she won’t write anything until the characters speak to her.

18.Was the dark verse title endings ‘-er’ and’-or’ purposely done or accidentally?

➸On Purpose and it’s a pattern

  1.    The PredatOR
  2.     The ReapER
  3.    The EmperOR
  4.     The FinishER
  5.     The AnnihilatOR
  6.     The SyndicatER

O for Odd numbers and books ending with OR. E for Even numbers and books ending with ER.

19. Is Gothikana set in the same universe as Dark Verse?

No, they are different and set in Runyx Verse.

20. How can I sign up for “The Syndicater” arc?  ➸ There’s no open sign up for “The Syndicater” at the moment. But keep an eye on Runyx instagram and newsletter for updates!

21. Books like Dark Verse by Runyx? ➸ Deception Trilogy and Royal Elite Series by Rina Kent, Cat and Mouse Duet by H.D. Carlton, Brutal Birthright and Kingmakers Series by Sophie Lark, Sinners Anonymous Series by Somme Sketcher, Devil’s Night Series by Penelope Douglas

My Favorite Quotes from Dark Verse Series:

“He looked at her. Her heart stuttered.  He looked away.  Her heart started.” The Predator (Dark Verse #1)

“She always held onto him. And with one woman he loved beside him, searching for the other he had lost, Tristan felt loved, accepted. Whole.” (The Reaper, Dark Verse #2)

“She was the beat to his heart and he was the beat to hers, both of them pulsing together. Maybe, they were both the same beats. Maybe, theirs was the same heart.” (The Emperor, Dark Verse #3)

“Remember when I told you my heart was a dead scar tissue?” “Hmm.” “I feel it pumping again with you. My lifeblood. My little rainbow.” (The Finisher, Dark verse #4)

“She was free. She was fearless. She was flying. And it was all because of him.  And that was more than enough.” (The Annihilator, Dark Verse #5)

“They were all playing chess in the dark, with a myth who was synonymous with it.
the game would change when the sun came up.
The clouds rumbled.
A storm was coming.”
(The Syndicater, Dark Verse #6)
Newsletter Chapter : Sneak Peek 2

If you want to read my reviews of each books checkout my goodreads and pinterest <3

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