10 Romance books to read if you love coffee

Happy October and international coffee day to everyone who celebrates!!! I’m a hugeeee coffee lover. You could probably tell that by my username and blog. Coffee and books are my two absolute favorite things in the world and I can literally talk about them 24/7.

So, to celebrate this occasion I’ve made this book recs if you love coffee that explores coffee shop owner mcs to meet cute, coffee shop romance, characters that thrive on coffee and more!!

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Romance books to read if you love coffee

The Pumpkin Spice Café by Laurie Gilmore

Romance books to read if you love coffee

Tropes : grumpy x sunshine, small town, found family, romantic mystery, found family, gilmore girls vibes, third, person dual pov

Starting off a cozy romantic mystery that follows big city girl Jeanie Ellis who left her depressing desk job to run the beloved Pumpkin Spice Café of her aunt and move back  to the small town of Dream Harbor. Where she meets Logan Anders who’s a cinnamon roll shy mc and  works at his family’s farm. He has a hard time opening up and loves his quiet life but his daily routine comes to an abrupt halt when he meets Jeannie and their shared past trauma brings them closer.

2. Accidentally Amy by Lynn Painter

Romance books to read if you love coffee

Tropes: Coffee shop meet cute, grumpy x sunshine, friends to lovers, witty banter

“IT STARTED WITH A CUP…’ this is literally the first line of the blurb and the ultimate definition of coffee shop meet cute. Isabella Shay is running late for her new job and grabs the wrong coffee and crashes into Grumpy Blake Phillips and spills it all over him. Thinking they will never cross path again Izzy doesn’t correct him when he calls her Amy, seeing the cup. Little does she knows he’s going to be her boss in the new job? 

3. Coffee Shop Girl by Katie Cross

Romance books to read if you love coffee

Tropes : Coffee Shop Owner, Traumatic Past, Grief/Mental Health

Bethny is drowning in debt. After her dads death she had to drop out and take care of the struggling coffee shop because it was her dads dream. But she has no idea how to run it and no desire to make it work. As her responsibility, she tries to put effort and make it work with Maverick, a  retired soldier who has his own problems and hides from his family for a few weeks and shows up at the coffee shop. As they start working together they discover they have a lot in common and  their mutual attraction brings them even closer.

4. Things We Never Got Over by Lucy Score

Romance books to read if you love coffee

“Bearded, bad-boy barber Knox prefers to live his life the way he takes his coffee: ALONE…” 

But fate has different plans for him as he experiences his meet cute in a coffee shop with runaway bride Naomi who’s engrossed in her own life problems. Leaving her wedding and city life because her twin sister called for an emergency she arrives in the small town, Knockemout just to find out she was lied to and robbed by said evil twin sister not only that she has to take care of her 11 year old niece she had no idea about.

Left with no money, job and a child to take care of in the unknown small town, Knox steps up to help her with no other intentions to get involved. But as fate had different plans for Knox as they grew closer, the intentions turned to real danger.

5. Love and Other Words by Christina Lauren

Romance books to read if you love coffee

Tropes: Second Chance, Dual timeline, Friends to lovers, It’s always been you, 

Another meet cute (Not really) because Macy and Elliot meet in a cafe after 11 years and it feels like the very first time as they had no contact for the past decade. Macy lost her mom at a really young age and to fulfill her last wish they moved to a summer house. On the first day she finds a boy about her age reading in her closet and discovers he lives next door and loves reading just like her. So they start spending time reading and hanging out together and eventually grow attached.

But in the present timeline they lost touch because of something that happened 11 years ago. But they reunite 11 years later and life has changed, they have changed but as they start working on their friendship we get to see more of what happened in the past as the dual timeline keeps jumping from present to past timeline and all the pieces fall together. (Search up for trigger warning)*

6. Crimson River by Devney Perry

Romance books to read if you love coffee

Tropes: Small town, Suspense, Murder Mystery, Strangers to Lovers, Family Saga

As a coffee shop owner Lyla Eden worked 100 consecutive days straight until her sister staged intervention and forced her to take the day off. Thinking the best way to spend the day would be to go hiking until she spots a man cleaning his bloodied hand in the river. She tries to escape but the man approaches faster and almost chokes her to death but somehow she escapes. 

Traumatized by the incident, she reports to the local police just to find a man. Vance Sutter with millions of questions at her coffee shop a few days later. As they start digging and hiking together to solve the most mysterious case of Vance’s life they can’t deny their attraction. Crimson River is the 5th book in the Eden series but can be read as a standalone.

7. Mixed Signals by B.K Borison

Romance books to read if you love coffee

Tropes : Coffee shop owner, small town, fake dating, he falls first

He comes in every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and orders exactly one croissant and a coffee. Just cream.” not to mention at least twice a week, 5 years straight. Lyla Dupree is a bakery shop owner and hopeless romantic and definitely having some trouble in the dating department but good thing Caleb Alvarez has the perfect solution by fake dating and helping her figure out things. Who also happens to be the guy who has been coming to her shop for 5 years straight. 

Mixed Signals is the third book in the Lovelight series, a collection of interconnected novels but can be read as a standalone. 

8. Water Under The Bridge by Kels & Denise Stone

Romance books to read if you love coffee

Tropes: Workplace romance, rivals/ enemies to lover, grumpy x sunshine, slow burn, he falls first, found family

When he buys her a $50,000 coffee machine….Ambitious Avery Soko lands an interview at her dream company but gets rejected. But she will do anything to pursue her passion starting from accepting a job at a struggling start up and entering a competition for multi million dollars to win and funding for her team. Only to find her rival Luca joining as well but left with no choice they are forced to work together. If you like The hating game and The Spanish Love Deception you’ll love this book!

9. The Fall of Bradley Reed by Morgan Elizabeth

Romance books to read if you love coffee

Tropes: Fake Dating, FBI agent/bodyguard, Small town, found family

I did not just add this book in this list because the book cover has coffee in it but definitely because I’m currently reading it. It’s about livi and dante. Livi is on her coast to take revenge from her cheating ex and Dante is an FBI agent who’s keeping a close eye on her as she plots her revenge. As their story progresses there’s a lot of mention of coffee including a perfect routine. 

10. Marriage for one by Ella Maise

Romance books to read if you love coffee

Tropes: Lawyer x Coffee Shop Owner, Marriage of Convenience, Grumpy X Sunshine, Slow Burn

Andddd finally my favoriteeee!! Rose Coleson’s life is all over the place as her dreams are shattered and she gets her heart broken in a span of a short time. But Jack Hawthorne is here with a complicated business deal which will help build her dream coffee shop all over again in return for marrying him. Which was supposed to be a business deal, the marriage of convenience between sweet sunshine coffee shop owner Rose and grumpy lawyer Jack turns into real as they face challenges of life.

More romance books to read if you love coffee

  • Out on a limb by Hannah Bonam-Young
  • Shucked by Kate Canterbary
  • Coffee, Tea Or Me by  Rich Amooi

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