Ana Huang Books in Order : Reading Order (15 Books), Book Series, Upcoming Books and more

Ana Huang Books in Order

Ana Huang book guide – You probably have heard about “King of Wrath” or the recently released “King of Greed” or maybe any of the books from the Twisted series because these are Ana Huang’s popular books which are equally viral on BookTok and made it to the New York bestselling list. But if you haven’t read any of Ana Huang’s books yet you came to the right place!! because here’s a detailed guide I made about Ana Huang’s book with reading order, series, universe, upcoming books and more!!

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Who is Ana Huang?/About Ana Huang : 

Ana Huang is a #1 New York Times, Sunday Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and #1 Amazon bestselling author. She is best known for her Twisted series, she writes New Adult and contemporary romance with alpha, morally gray heroes, strong heroines, and plenty of steam, angst, and swoon.

Her books have been translated in over two dozen languages and featured in outlets such as NPR, Cosmopolitan, Financial Times, and Glamour UK.

A self-professed travel enthusiast, she loves incorporating beautiful destinations into her stories and will never say no to a good chai latte.

About Ana Huang Books : 

Ana Huang mostly writes new adult, contemporary romance with dark themes so some of the books might contain trigger warnings so make sure to check them before reading. (mentioned in faqs) She has a total of 12 books which are divided into 3 series: If love series, twisted series and king of sin series. and all of them are set in the same universe with slightly different timelines and places .And some of the characters have cameos or mentions in some books.

Ana Huang Books in Order (Suggested + Publication Order)

If you want to read the books in publication order (chronologically) you can start with the If love series which has a total of 4 books. it’s also the first series by Ana Huang. It is set in Shanghai, all of them are interconnected but the first two are a duet and the story continues on book two but the next two are complete standalones and happens at the same time as the first two books.

If Love series by Ana Huang in order :

  1. If We Ever Meet Again (If Love #1) – Blake & Farrah
  2. If the Sun Never Sets (If Love #2) – Blake & Farrah
  3. If Love Had a Price (If Love #3) – Nate & Kris
  4. If We Were Perfect (If Love #4) – Sammy & Olivia

The next and most popular books are twisted series. You can also start with the twisted series first which also has 4 books. Set in Washington DC and later London and Eldora, all the books are interconnected standalones as the next one starts right after the previous one. 

Twisted series by Ana Huang in order :

  1. Twisted Love (Twisted #1) – Ava Chen & Alex Volkov
  2. Twisted Games (Twisted #2) – Bridget Von Ascheberg & Rhys Larsen
  3. Twisted Hate (Twisted #3) – Jules Ambrose & Josh Chen 
  4. Twisted Lies (Twisted #4) – Stella Alonso & Cristian Harper

And the most recently released books are from the king of sin series. Which will have a total of 7 books. And only 3 are out right now and 4 more are scheduled till 2024 and 2025 and all of them are interconnected standalones.. Set in New York, the king of sin series is the spin off series of the twisted world as some of the characters appear in the last book, twisted lies and some of the twisted couples have cameos and mentions on king of sin series.

King of Sin series by Ana Huang in order : 

  1. King of Wrath (Kings of Sin #1) – Vivian Lau & Dante Russo
  2. King of Pride  (Kings of Sin #2) – Isabella Valencia & Kai Young
  3. King of Greed  (Kings of Sin #3) – Alessandra Davenport & Dominic Davenport
  4. King of Sloth (Kings of Sin #4) – Slone & Xander
  5. King of Envy  (Kings of Sin #5)
  6. King of Gluttony (Kings of Sin #6)
  7. King of Lust  (Kings of Sin #7)

My Ana Huang order and favorites :

Like every book tok readers I started with the twisted series back in July 2022 and I miss them so much I think it’s time for a reread. Even though I loved and enjoyed all the books equally, I think twisted love and twisted hate are my favorite from the twisted series. 

Then I read the King of Sin series whenever a new one was released and King of Greed was one of my most anticipated books of this year (You can read my review here). I enjoyed this series too but not as much as the twisted series and I almost dnf’d King of Pride but I went back and finished it. Last but not least I devoured King of Greed despite reading some negative reviews before starting the book but overall I liked the series and hope it gets better as I’m planning to read the rest of the books as well.

*Note: I am only mentioning the suggested reading orders and my reading guide with how the books are connected but not the blurb or summary of each book. But I’m planning to post my reviews one by one that will contain the summary + my thoughts so, check out my goodreads and keep an eye on my blog :)*

Upcoming Books + News :

With the release of king of greed it is also announced that the next book in the king of sin series is about Sloane and Xander and is set to release on April 30, 2024.Then we’ll get the rest of the books next year and by 2025. But after reading King of Greed readers have predictions about who else might also be getting their books. (Read more on Most Asked questions about Ana Huang Books). Also in her recent newsletter Ana said she has started to work on King of Sloth.

Most Asked questions about Ana Huang Books

What Ana Huang book should I read first?

– You can check my guide first but I’d recommend starting with the twisted series.

Can I read Ana Huang’s book as a standalone ?

Yes, almost all the books are interconnected and complete standalone except the if love duet as the first book continues in 2nd one.

Will there be any 2nd generation of twisted series or other Ana Huang books?

There will be no second generation series but we might see their cameos in future books.

Is there any Twisted series novella?

No, not yet. And Twisted epilogue novella is a possibility but Ana doesn’t have any plans for it at the moment.

Where Can I read the bonus scenes ?

If you sign up to Ana’s newsletter (The Vip List) you will receive the new bonus scenes whenever they’re out but all of them are on her website. Check here

What is King of Sloth by Ana Huang about?

If you read the Upcoming Books + News you know Ana just started writing king of sloth so we don’t have much info other than who’s this book about (Sloane and Xander) but we might get new updates on her social media or @booktokupdates So make sure to follow both.

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