Legacy of Gods by Rina Kent : Book Series Guide, My review + more

Legacy of Gods by Rina Kent Guide: reading order, tropes, characters + fancast, aesthetic, my reviews, ranking + thoughts, FAQ’s and more

I’m in my Rina Kent era again. Almost a year ago I saw a promotion video of God of Pain (Legacy of Gods, #2) a few days before the initial release date but I realized it’s a 2nd generation ongoing series so I thought it would be better if I started reading their parents book first to have a better experience and let me tell you it was the best decision and  I’ve never read something like this and I’m still searching for a similar books.

Then I read the Royal Elite series and literally the backlist of Rina Kent (Read more on My Reading Order, Favorites + Thoughts). And finally after waiting more than a year I’ve started the legacy series. If you want the ultimate Rina Kent guide, read here. 

About Legacy of Gods Series :

Legacy of Gods follows the life of the kids of the Royal Elite And New York/Bratva World series couples from Rina Kent – verse. Set in north Brighton, there are two popular rival universities The Kings U and the Royal Elite University. The King’s U is funded by powerful people whose pockets are filled with new money. The other college is Royal Elite University—or REU. British, loaded with old money and pretentious aristocracy. The American and kids of the mafia world go to the Kings u and the British, kids of the royal elite series couples go to the royal elite university. 

Before you start this series :

Legacy series has a total of 8 books; only 5 books are available right now and all of them are interconnected stand-alone. But it’s a 2nd generation series of Rina Kent’s “Royal Elite Series”, “Deception Trilogy”, “Thorne” & “Thorn” Duet. You don’t have to read the 1st generation or the whole series in order but I prefer to read them first to have a better experience.

Also (mini spoiler) the books contain pov from the parents so you’ll be curious to read their book before or right after. (All the books are very dark and mention subjects that might be disturbing for some readers so make sure to know what the books are about and all the trigger warnings that the book contains.)

Meet The Characters + Fancast :

1. God of Malice (Glyndon King and Killian Carson)

2. God of Pain (Annika Volkov and Creighton King) and tiger… 

3. God of Wrath (Cecily Knight and Jeremy Volkov)

4. God of Ruin (Mia Sokolov and Landon King)

My Legacy of Gods Faves + Ranking :

Books : God of Pain, God of Wrath, God of Ruin, God of Malice
God of Malice – 3.5 ✰
God of Pain – 5 ✰
God of Wrath – 4.5 ✰
God of Ruin – 4 ✰
God of Fury – tbr

Couples : Creighton King + Annika, Cecily + Jeremy, Mia + Landon, Glyndon + Killiann
Women : Annika, Ccecily, Mia, Glyndon
Men : Jeremy, Creighton, Landon, Killian
Friendship : Cecily – Creighton, Remi – Creighton, Mia – Brandon, Ava – Cecily

I absolutely love anything Rina Kent writes and I had really high expectations with the new books as it keeps getting better and the monster trilogy definitely proved it. But I’m having a bitter sweet moment with the legacy of gods series. I’ve read all the 4 books so far and you can check out my reviews of each book on my goodreads.

 Legacy of Gods Books In Order, Tropes, Summaries :

1. God of Malice – 3.5 ✰

About this book:

Tropes: Dark Romance, Psychopath x Artist, enemies to lovers, boy obsessed, Rival College, Hates everyone but you

This book is about Glyndon King and Killian Carson. Their parents have their own book
Asher & Reina Carson: Lies & Truths Duet.
Levi & Astrid King: Cruel King (RES #0)
Jonathan & Aurora King (Grandparents of Glyndon): Kingdom Duet.

Glyndon is haunted by the sudden demise of her closest friend and drives herself to the edge of a cliff thinking she doesn’t deserve to live either. Lost in her thoughts she accidentally slips and thinks she’d lose her life just when Killian comes to save her with the promise her life will never be the same again.

Well.. he makes that true. Later she finds out Killian is actually a psychopath who’s part of the rival college “The King’s University” and keeps a close eye on her. As their story progresses we meet the friend group and parents and their little crumbs and possible hints of who is going to end up with who.

My Thoughts:

If I’m being honest I didn’t like this book as much as I thought I would. I still devoured it in a day so that’s a win. I just didn’t like the plot and there was no good plot twist. Because I’ve read other books by Rina and I know she writes the best plots with twists not to mention the cliffhangers .

Also I was kinda disgusted with the first few chapters but it kept getting better so no complaints there but I didn’t like the characters of this book as I found them really boring. But I still enjoyed this book and that’s a really weird way to explain my review. The only reason I loved this book was totally for the characters and their crumbs but I think if I read this before the parents book I would’ve loved it more.

2. God of Pain – 5 ✰

Tropes: purple ballerina x grumpy fighter, grumpy x sunshine, fake dating, dark past, mafia themes, found family

About this book:

The second one begins after a few weeks from the first book and we meet all the characters from god of malice. Annika Volkov is a mafia princess, although she’s living her life peacefully while attending royal elite university, but her future is destined to be in an arranged marriage unless she finds a suitable man on her own and falls in love.

Time’s running out and the best plan she came up with was to convince someone to fake date her. While grumpy, stone cold Creighton King only cares about his food and boxing he decides to help Annika with her plan because maybe slowly and forcefully she caught his attention.

As they start fake dating, Creighton starts working on his mission to find the truth about his traumatic childhood and Annika convinces her parents that she’s in love.

Their parents books are:
Aiden & Elsa King: (Royal Elite #1,#2,#3)
Adrian & Lia Volkov: Deception Trilogy.

My Thoughts : 

I don’t know what happened in the middle of the book but I’m only giving 5 stars for the characters and the epilogue. I love the deception trilogy since last year and have been waiting for Jeremy’s book so I could read them back to back and it was definitely a good idea because these were my top faves from the legacy of gods series. I was hooked from the moment I read the tropes and little crumbs from god of malice.

But I’m not gonna lie, some of the parts were a bit boring and unnecessary but I still devoured it. In my opinion this is the only book in the log series with a good plot twist as it connects to the parents book tooo. Also I absolutely loveeee the way the parents’ POV is included in the legacy books. Not to mention Adrian and Aiden’s interaction!!! 

I might also be giving 5 stars because purple is my favorite color.

3. God of Wrath – 4.5 ✰

Tropes: dark romance, enemies to lovers, stalker, anti hero, secret romance, touch her and die

About this book:

God of wrath is the 3rd book in the legacy series which follows Jeremy and Cecily. This book is set at the same as the previous books with a more extended time as we get crumbs of their interactions. Cecily suffers from her past trauma that causes her paralysis sometimes. Which Jeremy is very familiar with since his childhood. (If you read the deception trilogy you might know how). Intrigued by her behavior, Jeremy starts stalking her and helps her fight her demon…

My Thoughts:

Is it only me or some of the parts felt like Haunting Adeline?
I love Cecily and Ava’s friendship. I was really sad to read Kim and silvers book as they were childhood best friends but fell apart and seeing their daughters being besties definitely healed something in me.
Apart from the parents’ pov and cameo Landon and Mia definitely stole this book. Good thing I read this book right before the god of ruin release.

4. God of Ruin – 4 ✰

Tropes: psychopath sculptor x muse, Enemies to lovers, angst, badass fmc, childhood trauma, found family, college rivalry 

Not me hating Landon 3 books straight just to fall in love in his book? It’s fine he got beaten up enough  

About this book:

The fourth book is about Mia Sokolov and Landon King. Who first met in God of Malice.They’re college rivals and the book starts with Mia taking revenge from Landon for something that happened in the previous books (you don’t have to read them as the details are explained in this book too). Instead of being mad, Landon is intrigued and decides she is the new addition to his chess game. But….

My Thoughts: 

Okayyyy…. I’ve to admit that almost all the Rina Kent books have the same dark theme, revenge plot but the log series have the same tropes, different characters. The only reason for me to keep going was for my favorite characters and Landon mias banter and definitely the things he did for Mia.. As I’m finishing up the series I can officially say I had a really hard and bitter sweet time with all the books even though I enjoyed them. 

Upcoming books : 

There are two more books left in the series which are God of Fury (Niko Sokolov and Brandon King) – Releases on Dec 6 and God of War (Ava Nash and Eli King) – Release date tba but it will be out in 2024.

FAQ’S: (FAQ  frequently asked questions) about “Legacy of Gods”

I’ve gathered all the questions that I’ve had on my mind throughout my reading + google, goodreads and Rina Kents instagram (@author_rina) .If you still have any questions comment down below or reach out to me via other socials <3

*Note: some of the questions might contain huge spoilers so I’d highly recommend reading the books first*

➸ How many books will be in the legacy of gods series?
There are 6 books in the legacy of gods series. But only 4 are available right now.

➸ What order should I read the legacy of gods?
Legacy of Gods books in order:

1.God of Malice (Glyndon King and Killian Carson)
2.God of Pain (Annika Volkov and Creighton King)
3.God of Wrath (Cecily Knight and Jeremy Volkov)
4.God of Ruin (Mia Sokolov and Landon King)
5.God of Fury (Niko Sokolov and Brandon King) – Releases on Dec 6
6.God of War (Ava Nash and Eli King) – Release date tba

➸ Do we need to read the elite series to read the next gen series?
Not really. This series and each book in it are complete standalones. But for a better experience you can read the parents’ books first or check the reading guide here.

➸Will the second generation of Royal Elite connect with other Rina Kent books?
Yes, The legacy of gods series is the spin off of Royal Elite & Mafia World. So a lot of characters pop up from Rina Kent verse.

➸ Will all the kids of rina kent universe have their book?
No, The series will never end that way so only the kids mentioned in the legacy series have their own book but we might see them in future books.

How old are the characters of Legacy of gods? The main characters of each book/kids are in college/university. So ranging from 18 to 22 and older for the characters who are doing their master degrees and PhDs). And the parents are in their 40s. 

Will Rina Kent do another 2nd gen series for the other kids that are not in LOG? No. Legacy of Gods is the first and last second generation series/books Rina will ever write but we might see them in future books. 

Will we get an extended epilogue like the RES for the legacy of gods series? No 🙁

➸ When is God of War by Rina Kent coming out??
There is no date set yet but God of War will be out in 2024.

what’s coming after the legacy series ends?!?  Legacy of Gods is ongoing until 2024 as God of Fury is set to release on December 6, 2023 and God of war in 2024 so we’ll know more after these are released but Rina said she has two secret projects for 2024.

➸ Gareth, Maya, and Remi have their own books?
No, they were never supposed to have books but it will be revealed who they’ll end up with in the last two books.

➸ Is Vaughn going to have a book in the future?
Vaughn is Kirril and Sasha’s son. But his character is not mentioned yet but we might see him in future books.

➸ Who is the white mask man??
White Mask’s identity will be revealed in God of Fury.

➸ Is Mia mute in God of Ruin? Mia is mute because of something that happened when she was little so she only speaks via sign language but later in the book she starts talking again. 

➸ Are Remi and Ariella together in Legacy of Gods?
Not yet in the current books but they will end up together and we’ll see more of them in Legacy of War.

➸ Will Remi and Ariella have a book ?
No, there was a possibility of their book but in recent instagram stories Rina announced they won’t be getting any book but we will see them in future books.

➸ Who does Maya end up with in Legacy of gods?
Maya is with Ilya. At the end of God of Ruin it’s revealed they are together but they won’t be getting any book.

➸ Similar books like Legacy of gods by Rina Kent ?
The Kingmakers series by Sophie Lark, Dark Verse series by Rina Kent, Boys of Tommen by Chloe Walsh, Sinners Anonymous Series by Somme Sketcher, Thorns Duet Series by Rina Kent

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