Mid Year Wrap Up ‘2023 : Books & Music

Mid Year Wrap Up : Books & Music

Mid Year Wrap Up- Well… I’m almost 2 months late but I still want to post my mid-year wrap up. 2023 has been crazy so far but I still managed to find really good books and music. I read a total of 78 books so far this year and I really hope the rest of the year will be better.

Books :

Best books I’ve read in 2023:

➸ Mindfu*k series, Dark verse series. I will never be able to choose one book and it was definitely hard this time since I read so many good books that are part of a series.

Best sequel I’ve read in 2023:

➸Final offer, The Right Move. Final offer was my most anticipated read since last year and I knew it was gonna be in my top faves of 2023 and I loved The Right Move the same amount. Can’t wait for the whole series!!

New release I haven’t read yet, but want to:

➸Charlie, Love and Clichés, Crossed, Out on a Limb, Saving 6, When Life Gives You Lemon. Some of them were my most anticipated reads of this year and I know I’m gonna have a really great time with these books. And I better finish them before the year ends. 

Most anticipated release for the second half of the year:

➸God of  Malice, Love Redesigned, Sinners atoned, Hopeless, Caught Up, King of Greed, The Syndicate. I’m so excited and hopeful with these books because I know they are gonna be so good since I read some of the crumbs of these characters in the other book.

Biggest surprise:

➸The Heir, Mindfuck Series, Forget Me Not, Powerless, The Annihilator  I haven’t read any of these authors’ books before so I had no idea if i’m gonna like them so it was definitely surprising to find these books so good.

Favorite new author:

➸Runyx, S.T Abby, Sophie Lark, Elsie Silver, Somme sketcher I’m so grateful and sad to find these authors so late!! Especially S.T Abby, i’m so sad to hear about her passing her books definitely left an effect on me. Also I’m really excited to find more books by these authors and read whatever they decide to write next.

Favorite new character :

➸Lana Myers, Willa Grant. Badass FMC’s who dont give a F about other people’s opinion and would do everything to keep their loved ones safe and happy. Yupp I just love Lana Myers from Mindfuck and Willa Grant from Heartless and can’t wait to get more crumbs of her in the new hopeless book!!

Favorite Book Boyfriend

➸Cal Kane,  Elliot Boom Well, I kinda knew I was gonna love Cal when I first met him in the dreamland series but his book made me fall in love with him more!! And I’ve no words for Elliot Bloom… If you read my review of “Forget Me Not” and “Final Offer” you’ll know more why they’re my favorites of this year Already.

Also I just realized they are kinda the same in some wayss!??

Books you want to read by the end of the year?

➸The Inheritance Games, Mara dyer trilogy, Caraval, Shatter Me, Sinners Duet, Love Theoretically, Funny You Should Ask. First I want to finish some books from my last year’s TBR. Then read all these books that keep piling on my tbr.

Best Albums of 2023 :

➸ Speak now tv, Good Riddance, DYKTTUOB, Barbie: The Album Speak Now TV and Barbie, the album is my whole new personality recently.

Favorite Artists :

Taylor Swift, Gracie Abrams, Matty healy, Hozier, Conan Gray, Harry Styles  I have discovered some really cool artists this year but I go back to them all the time…

Albums + Singles I’m excited for :

1989 TV, Guts, Unreal Unearth, The Show Some of my favorite artists are releasing new music and I can totally count on them for making my year better .Also 1989 is my 3rd favorite album so I’m really looking forward to this.

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