Gothikana by RunyX Review + Guide (Spoiler Free) – 2024

Gothikana by RunyX

“I’m scared one day Verenmore will have more ghosts than people. I just hope we don’t end up as one of them.” – RunyX, Gothikana

Goodreads : 3.94 stars, 35,202 ratings, 7,148 reviews

Format : 399 pages, Hardcover

Published : January 23, 2024 by Bramble

Genres : Romance, Fantasy, Dark, Gothic, Paranormal, Mystery, New Adult, College, Adult Fiction

Tropes : gothic, suspense, romance, murder mystery, dark academia, teachers x student, paranormal, fantasy, college, fiction

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About Gothikana / Summary :

Set in an ancient secluded castle on top of a mountain in Vernemore, Gothikana is a dark academia, suspenseful gothic romance that follows Corvina Clemm and Vad Deverall.

While dealing with the grief of losing her mother, Corvina gets an admission letter to attend a mysterious university of Verenmore. She accepts it as a sign of the universe and finally experiencing the real world after living all her life homeschooled and surrounded by her books.

But as soon as she arrives there she starts hearing rumors and experiencing unexplainable things, a lot similar to things that have been following her for a long time. Until she catches the attention of the silver eyed devil, Vad deverall who happens to be her literature professor with a similar mysterious past like the castle.

Gothikana Blurb + Tropes :

Gothikana by RunyX

Characters + Fancast :

Gothikana by RunyX

Jenna Ortega and Joseph Morgan via Pinterest

Gothikana Style Inspo

png cloth picturea from Amazon

Corvina Clemm – Purple Sweater | Black Pants | Silver Nose Ring | Bracelet| Stiletto Shoes | Rothco Canvas
Vad Deverall – Black button-up Shirt | Black Pants | Diary

Book Aesthetic + Edits

Gothikana by RunyX

My Thoughts + Favorite Quotes (Spoiler Free)

I actually read the first few chapters back in January ‘23 while watching the brand new Wednesday series. But unfortunately dnf’d it. I don’t know why I just couldn’t connect with the book + I was really unfamiliar with the genre. But I marked it as to finish later someday and after reading the dark verse series I just had to pick this again because I’m obsessed with RunyX writing and literally everything. And I’m really grateful because it’s already my 5 star read of the year.

I really enjoyed the aesthetic of this book. The creepy, gothic vibe with a really good suspense and thrilling environment made it a million times better. I really loved corvinas character. 

I thought she’s going to be a lot like Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday character though she was, but it was so different at the same time. Living all her life in solitude and fighting her inner demons she finally allowed herself to explore the real world. 

And Vad, I have mixed feelings about him but still love him and he was also very different from the other runyx mmc’s. But at times he kinda reminded me of Tristan Caine xd. 

I really like how his character was formed and his mysterious past but mostly the tarot card confession scene!! Is it weird that I loved it equally as some of the plot twists? I knew for a reason this book will have equally great plot + twists like the dark verse series. Like how my heart dropped or skipped a beat reading some twists but the tarot card confession scene was soo good and perfect!!

Frequently Asked Questions about Gothikana :

Is Gothikana a stand alone? – Yes, gothikana is standalone.

Will there be any sequel or 2nd book of Gothikana by Runyx ? – There won’t be a second book but in a recent qna on her instagram @runyx, she might write it. But there’s another book set in the same universe in the works called “Arkana” that will be out in 2024. It’s a dark historical gothic romance,  about a different couple but set in the same place as gothikana (vernemore) with a different timeline.  Find more about Arkana by Runyx in the Author Guide. 

When is Arkana by Runyx releasing? – There’s no confirmed date yet but it will be out in 2024.

Do I need to read Arkana by Runyx before Gothikana? – No, Arkana is not out yet but will be in 2024 and it is recommended to read Gothikana before Arkana.

Is Gothikana connected to the dark verse series? – No, gothikana and dark verse are set in different world in Runyxverse.

Is Gothikana book spicy? – Yes, Gothikana contains mature contents with open door explicit scenes with good plot.

Is Gothikana a horror? – yes, there is some unexplainable stuff mentioned in the book and in my opinion it spices up the mysterious thrilling  aspect of the book. 

✦ What are the content and trigger warnings of Gothikana?

✦ Why are some things left unanswered in Gothikana? – Runyx mentioned it in her acknowledgement some of the parts of the book was inspired by her own experience of boarding school.

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