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Author Guide : RunyX

“Do I need to read the dark verse series in order?…”
“When is the Syndicater by Runyx coming out?..”, “Is there any book 2 after Gothikana?’….

If you haven’t read any of RunyX books or want to start the dark verse series, I think this guide is perfect for you!! + some details to know more about the author and her books.

Before I start this I just need to put this in the beginning how much I love Runyx, her writing, books and literary everything and I’m so grateful for her books because it got me through a really tough time last year and helped me escape from reality for a while and gave me some comfort I didn’t know I needed. I think about each and every character and their book almost every day ever since I read the dark verse series.

I think a part of myself is still stuck in that universe and I’m definitely not complaining!! And I’m on a journey to make everyone read the dark verse series. (I’ve already made some of my bookish friends read it and made a post + dark verse guide to make more friends on the internet to read it too) Here’s my dark verse series guide + reviews & ranking. 

Who is RunyX ?/ About RunyX Author :

RunyX is a USA Today and New York Times Bestselling Author, she enjoys creating universes and setting them on fire, with dark, gritty, thought-provoking, and emotionally poignant stories. She mostly writes Romance, Mystery and Fiction. She has a total of 6 books published right now and 2-3 books scheduled to release in 2024. (More on upcoming books).
She loves to travel, wants to adopt a dog before 30, and learn different languages. When she’s not writing, she’s reading, traveling, meditating, daydreaming, and most of all, procrastinating. She’s intensely private. In a recent interview with Elisabeth Egan, (INSIDE THE BEST-SELLER LIST, New York Times) she reveals the real reason for being anonymous on the internet.
“I had a stalker when I was in college, so that turned me off to the idea of putting everything out there,” She also added, “I’m very private, I’d like to be known for my stories, not for myself. I’m an introvert and I don’t like attention.” Even being anonymous she likes to share a connection with her readers through her writing and social media interactions. She’s mostly active on her instagram (@authorrunyx) and private facebook group.

For updates subscribe to her newsletter and website.

Runyx Books in Order by (Series + Universe)

I’ve been wanting to start the dark verse series seeing the edits and reels for almost a year and searching for an updated guide/reading order because I had no clue where to start. Especially with all the reviews and posts. I found a reading order but it only had one standalone and the rest of the books were part of the series and needed to be read in order.

Also I’m going to save your time because no one mentioned anywhere that there’s a final book in the works which will be out this year hopefully. Would I still recommend reading it first? ABSOLUTELY!! No one should waste a second to finish reading this masterpiece.
Here’s my more detailed dark verse series guide with reviews & ranking.
But you can also start with Gothikana which is a complete standalone.

Verenmore :

  1. Gothikana (Corvina and Vad)

Dark Verse Series :

  1. The Predator +
  2. The Reaper (Tristan and Morana) 
  3. The Emperor (Dante and Amara) 
  4. The Finisher (Alpha and Zephyr)
  5. The Annihilator (Shadow Man and Lyla) 
  6. The Syndicater (All couples of the dark verse series)

Runyx Books in Order (Suggested + Publication Order)

  1. The Predator (2019)
  2. The Reaper (2020)
  3. The Emperor (2021)
  4. Gothikana (2021)
  5. The Finisher (2022)
  6. The Annihilator (2022)
  7. The Syndicater (2023)

Standalone Books In Order :

Gothikana is the only book that can be read as a standalone off Runyx reading list. Also you can read the first two books of the dark verse series as a duet. But the rest of them need to be read in order for the best reading experience. 

About Runyx Books/ Summary and Tropes :

Gothikana by Runyx

Tropes : gothic, suspense, romance, murder mystery, dark academia, teachers x student, paranormal, fantasy, college, fiction

Set in an ancient secluded castle on top of a mountain in Vernemore, Gothikana is a dark academia, suspenseful gothic romance that follows Corvina Clemm and Vad Deverall.
While dealing with the grief of losing her mother, Corvina gets an admission letter to attend a mysterious university of Verenmore. She accepts it as a sign of the universe and finally experiencing the real world after living all her life homeschooled and surrounded by her books.

But as soon as she arrives there she starts hearing rumors and experiencing unexplainable things, a lot similar to things that have been following her for a long time. Until she catches the attention of the silver eyed devil, Vad deverall who happens to be her literature professor with a similar mysterious past like the castle.

The Predator + The Reaper (Dark Verse #1 & 2)

Tropes: dark romance, Enemies to lovers, angst, badass fmc, mystery, suspense, plot twists, childhood trauma, found family.

The first two books follow Tristan Caine and Morana Vitalio. (The 2nd one starts right where the first one ended). It’s written from 3rd person and only from Morana’s pov. Both of them belong to rival groups which are Shadowport and Tenebrae.
Their story begins when Morana breaks into Tristan’s house as she thinks Tristan has something that belongs to her. As the story progresses the main plot begins to form and we start to meet the characters, and discover long buried secrets, childhood tragedy and how everything is connected as the pieces start to fall together.

The Emperor (Dark Verse #3)

The Emperor by runyx (Dante and Amara)

Tropes : childhood friends, Forbidden love, dual timeline, she fell first but he fell harder, ptsd

The 3rd book is about Dante Maroni and Amara Rossi who are Tristan’s childhood friends and appear in the first two books. Dante is a mafia heir to the notorious Tenebrae Outfit and Amara is the housekeeper’s daughter. She’s been in love with Dante since she was little and it becomes stronger over the years but she’s too shy to express her feelings.

At age 15, she gets kidnapped and tortured to death for the outfit’s information which she refused to reveal. But soon she’s rescued but her life is never the same as before and we experience the journey of her healing and growing up as a strong woman with the help of the man she dreamt her whole life about.

It’s multiple timeline as it switches back to their childhood to adulthood. But there’s more to it as the main plot of the dark verse series gets stronger.

The Finisher (Dark Verse #4)

Tropes: Amnesia, marriage of convenience, forced proximity, grumpy X sunshine, second chance

The 4th one is about Alessandro ‘Alpha’ Villanova and Zephyr de la Vega. We meet Alpha at the end of the 3rd book,The Emperor. If you read the 3rd book you’ll piece things together and understand how they are connected. Same goes with zephyr by the end of this book (Both are equally one of the top plot twists of dark verse). Alpha and Zephyr were childhood friends as Zephyr promised Alpha’s mom to take care of him for the rest of his life but at 18, Alpha suddenly disappears.

After a decade Zephyr finds him but he doesn’t remember anything as his memories are totally wiped after something that happened 10 years ago but she refuses to lose him again and proposes to him with an undeniable offer of marriage. Seeing the beneficial side, Alpha agrees and Zephyr starts her mission to make him remember and fall in love all over again. As their story progresses we meet the previous couples and find more truth about the syndicate.

The finisher kind of ends in a semi cliffhanger giving alpha and zephyr a happy for now as mentioned in the authors note. But we’re definitely getting more in the final book as promised.

The Annihilator (Dark Verse #5)

Tropes: Dark world, I hate everyone but you, touch her and die, forced proximity, trauma, healing

The last book of the series and the final couple are Shadowman and Layla. If you’re done with the last four books you’ll find bits of shadowman as he appears anonymously in all the books and already guess who layla is.

Almost everything about this book is connected to the last four and definitely contains spoilers. Like the finisher, this book is also a happy for now and we’re getting them all in the final book.

The Syndicater (Dark Verse #6)

The Syndicater (All couples of the dark verse series)
This is the sixth and final book of the series that will bring all the characters together one last time as the main plot wraps with the series. It’s not out yet but set to release later this year.

For the updates follow @booktokupdates.

Upcoming Books + News

Here are some books set to release this year and the next few. Source : RunyX website & Instagram.

  1. The Syndicater (Dark Verse #6)
  2. Arkana by Runyx
  3. Kinetik by Runyx
  4. Drakonara Trilogy
  5. Fire Standalone
  6. Jungle Standalone
  7. Snow Standalone
  8. Sea Standalone
  9. Summer Standalone

Via Runyx Website

There’s no pre order links or details available yet. But I’m linking Runyx Amazon and website link here so you can check new details whenever it’s updated.

My Reading Order, Favorites + Thoughts

Just like every reader who heard about Runyx books I was confused which one should I start with because the bookish edits were so good and all over my Fyp. I didn’t really like the 3rd person pov (until Runyx writing) so I was having second thoughts. But it’s so weird and funny to me how Runyx has become my favorite author in such a short time (my socials are proof of how obsessed I’m with her books and writing + how I’d always quote that dark verse changed my life) yet I dnf’ed the first book I read by her.
And it was Gothikana.

Well I’ve my reasons!!. I read the first few chapters back in January ‘23 while watching the brand new Wednesday series. But unfortunately dnf’d it. I don’t know why I just couldn’t connect with the book + I was really unfamiliar with the genre. But I marked it as to finish later someday and after reading the dark verse series I just had to pick this again because I’m obsessed with RunyX writing and literally everything. So i resumed reading exactly after a year January’24.

And I’m really grateful because it’s already my 5 star read of the year. Check my full review here. And I read the dark verse series back in may ‘2023 in literally 3days and I just can’t stop talking about it. So I poured my heart out and made this post – “Dark Verse Series by Runyx…

Books like RunyX

➸ Deception Trilogy and Royal Elite Series by Rina Kent, Cat and Mouse Duet by H.D. Carlton, Brutal Birthright and Kingmakers Series by Sophie Lark, Sinners Anonymous Series by Somme Sketcher, Devil’s Night Series by Penelope Douglas

Will be adding the “Frequently Asked Questions” soon. If you have any questions drop them down below or dm on @racoffeebooks or @booktokupdates. Hope you found this guide helpful!! <33

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