Barbie Book Recs : 10 Pink Romance Books Barbie Would Read

Barbie book recs – some pink books that barbie would definitely read and have in her bookshelf.

Barbie book recs

“Come on Barbie, let’s see your books!!” The world is celebrating Barbie with pink so I’m here with some pink books that barbie would definitely read and have in her bookshelf. I picked 30 books but haven’t read all of them yet but some of them are definitely on my tbr so here are some of my favorites I’ve read.

(Before you read my summary I’d like you to search up trigger warnings. No matter how cute and fluffy these books look some are really dark and heavy so I’ll put a star with trigger warning as well)*

I don’t own all the pictures used in this post or on my edits, so I always mention the source and credits as all the rights go to respective owners. But I only claim the editing so please contact me if you have any problem. Thank you.

1. By A Thread by Lucy Score

Barbie book recs

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Tropes: Workplace Romance, Enemies to Lovers, Grumpy x Sunshine, Boss x Assistant, Slow Burn

“The Devil Wears Prada” but make it a rom com book? Yupp! By a thread is about Ally who works at a pizza shop but soon loses her job when grumpy Dominic complains about her because she tried to teach him a lesson for his rude behavior. But later she gets offered by Dominic’s mother who owns the magazine company to work as Dominic’s assistant as he is the CEO (wink).

And that’s how we get the enemies to lovers aspect with a dash of slow burn as he keeps threatening to fire her and make her life miserable but secretly is obsessed with her. As the story continues with their witty banter Dominic discovers more about Ally and the reasons for her odd jobs and why she’s struggling. Read this if you want to enjoy some nyc setting workplace romance with “The Devil Wears Prada” vibes.

2. Flawless by Elsie Silver

Barbie book recs

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Tropes: Small Town, Cowboy, Workplace Romance, Reverse Grumpy x Sunshine, Forbidden Love

If you like “The Longest Ride” then you’re gonna love this book. “Flawless” is the first book in the chestnut spring series and all of them are interconnected standalones. (If you need the guide I’ll be posting soon). This book follows Rhett and summer.

Rhett is a professional bull rider and gets into a scandal about not liking milk? Yup and that’s how his reputation goes downhill from losing his brand deals and sponsorship. So in order to clean his image his publicists assigned Summer (Who also happens to be his daughter) to move in with him in his ranch to babysit him and make sure he doesn’t do anything to make the situation worse. And we can guess what happens from there… (Search up for trigger warning)*

3. Make It Sweet by Kristen Callihan

Barbie book recs

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Tropes: Sports Romance / Hockey, Ex Hockey Player x Actress, Caretaking, He cooks for her

“Emma met a boy with eyes like a man
Turns out her heart fits right in the palm of his hand
Now he’ll be her shelter when it rains
Little does he know, his whole world’s about to change”

Not me realizing Taylor Swift wrote “when Emma falls in love” about Emma in this book. Emma Maron is a popular actress in the hit tv series “Dark Castle” but soon her character gets killed off and she no longer has a job. To share this news and get some comfort she arrives home to find her cheating boyfriend. And she definitely needs a break so she escapes to a gorgeous villa only to find she’s not alone with a similar situation.

Her next door neighbor Lucian Osmond, is an ex hockey player who retired right after his injury and is currently living in his grandma’s villa. As they bump into each other they discover more about themselves and they only grow closer—and their broken pieces just might fit together and make them whole.

Also If you like the British bake off you’ll definitely love this book because our broken hero makes the best tarts and cream cakes you can’t resist!

4. Darling Venom by Parker S. Huntington

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Tropes: Heartbreaking, Multiple Povs, Bonded by Grief, Slow Burn, Enemies to Lovers, Age Gap, Opposite Attract

Barbie would definitely read Darling Venom. Charlotte Richard’s life is crumbling and she no longer wants to survive this cruel world and decides to end this on her birthday only to find the loner emo boy , Kellen Marchetti  from her school for the same reason on the rooftop. But they decide they are gonna fight their demons and check on each other every year on the same day, in the same place.

As they meet every year they discover more about themselves, grow attached but stick to their plan. As Charlie heals Kellen suffers in silence. Four years later Kellen breaks his promise and leaves Charlie in this cruel world all alone but she decides to live and get better alone. Few years later she accidentally meets Kellen’s brother Tate and they both discover more about Kellen through his letters and work together to make his dream come true. As they work together they bond with their grief and find peace in each other.  (Search up for trigger warning)*

5. Love and Other Words by Christina Lauren

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Tropes: Second Chance, Dual timeline, Friends to lovers, It’s always been you, 

Macy lost her mom at a really young age and to fulfill her last wish they moved to a summer house. On the first day she finds a boy about her age reading in her closet and discovers he lives next door and loves reading just like her. So they start spending time reading and hanging out together and eventually grow attached.

But in the present timeline they lost touch because of something that happened 11 years ago. But they reunite 11 years later and life has changed, they have changed but as they start working on their friendship we get to see more of what happened in the past as the dual timeline keeps jumping from present to past timeline and all the pieces fall together. (Search up for trigger warning)*

6. The Do Over by Lynn Painter

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Tropes: High School Romance, Valentines Day, Time Loop, Forced Proximity, Coming of Age, Opposite Attracts

When your favorite valentines day becomes the worst valentine’s day ever…and you’ve to relive it over and over again… The do over is about Emilie Hornby who loves valentines day and planned her entire day just to find out her boyfriend is cheating but things get worse as she loses her scholarship and more.

So she goes to her grandma’s house to wallow but as she wakes up every time it’s the same day and she has to relive it all over again but she’s not alone in this. Before she went to school she crashes into her lab partner Nick Stark and he’s with her in this time loop. 

7. Addicted To You by Krista and Becca Ritchie

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Tropes: Childhood Bestfriends, Fake Dating, Addicts, Recovery Journey,

When two childhood best friends start fake dating so they can hide their secrets from their families. Addicted to you is the first book in the “Addicted To You/Calloway Sister” series. Addicted to you (1-5) is about Lily and Loren who are addicts.

In order to continue their life with addiction they move in together for college and start fake dating. But as time passes things get worse but they realize they need each other more than their addictions and they fight for themselves. Rest of the books in the series are about Lily and Lo’s journey to recovery and more of their life in the present and past along with the Callaway sister series. (Search up for trigger warning)*

8. Charlie, Love and Clichés by Ella Maise

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Tropes: Office Romance, Second Chance, Slow Burn, She Falls First, Mutual Pinning

Charlie Davis & William Carter first met at a diner without sharing their last name and they keep  showing up at the same time every day for a week, talking for hours. But soon William stopped coming and Charlie thought they lost touch. Six years later he showed up at her work as her new team leader and they start their friendship where they left off. 

9. Crimson River by Devney Perry

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Tropes: Small town, Suspense, Murder Mystery, Strangers to Lovers, Family Saga

As a  coffee shop owner Lyla Eden worked 100 consecutive days straight until her sister staged intervention and forced her to take the day off. Thinking the best way to spend the day would be to go hiking until she spots a man cleaning his bloodied hand in the river. She tries to escape but the man approaches faster and almost chokes her to death but somehow she escapes. 

Traumatized by the incident, she reports to the local police just to find a man. Vance Sutter with millions of questions at her coffee shop a few days later. As they start digging and hiking together to solve the most mysterious case of Vance’s life they can’t deny their attraction. Crimson River is the 5th book in the Eden series but can be read as a standalone.

10. Saving 6 by Chloe Walsh

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Tropes: Addiction, Friends to Lovers, Grumpy x Sunshine, Angst, Grief, Trauma, Found Family, It’s always been you 

I remember spending HOURS AND HOURS finding little crumbs of this book all over the internet back in September last year only to not have enough courage to start the duet now. Saving 6 and Redeeming 6 are the 3rd and 4th books in the boys of Tommen series.

It’s about Joey and Aoife who are childhood best friends to lovers. It follows their timeline from 12 to 18 years and especially the same time as the first two books as a lot happens in them but it deals with way more heavier subjects. So if you can handle the tw’s I’d highly recommend starting this series in order. (Search up for trigger warning)*

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