Superache Songs as Books : Superache by Conan Gray Book Recommendation (12 Books)

Superache Songs as Books 
Superache by Conan Gray Book Recommendation

Superache Songs as Books <33

Hope you have your sweater and have a good time. And if you haven’t gotten one it’s okay I haven’t either!! So I’m sending you a virtual one with a warm hug!! 🧥🧶🧣🫂 And some book recs that have the similar vibes as the Superache album!! Enjoy <33

1. Movies – Better than the Movies by Lynn Painter

Tropes : Enemies to Lovers, Next door neighbors, Fake dating

When every chapter of the book starts with an iconic 2000s movie quote and the hopeless romantic Lizzie dreams of her own love story similar to the movies while actually living one with her next door neighbor and childhood enemy Wes Bennett as they start fake dating to get Liz’s crush’s attention. Until she realizes that’s better than the movies itself. 

2. People watching – The Deal by Elle Kennedy

Tropes: Friends to lovers, college romance, hockey player x songwriter

They met in class… or more likely Garrett Graham intentionally bumped into Hannah Wells to get her attention and convince her to tutor him because he needs to pass his Philosophical Ethics course and Hannah is the only one who’s getting straight A’s Hannah is the smartest girl on campus at least that’s what Garretts tells everyone and she agrees to help him by securing a mutually beneficial deal. 

The Deal is the first book in the Off Campus Series and the 2nd generation’s first book was released this month. Click here for the whole reading order and make sure to search up for trigger warnings before reading. 

3. Disaster – Forget Me Not by Julie Soto

Tropes: Second chance, Dual Timeline, Grumpy x Sunshine Florist x Wedding Planner, Midnight Rain x Sunshine

This could actually be a disaster to reconnect with your ex, especially when you broke his heart 2 years ago when he said the three letter word and you freaked out. Ama Torres is an ambitious wedding planner and gets an opportunity that might change her career’s success but soon she realizes she has to work with her ex Elliot Bloom who’s a well known florist and the couples family friend. She decides it’s gonna be fine and they will work together and nothing could go wrong or maybe it will turn it into another disaster. 

Read my review here

4. Best friend – People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry

Tropes: Best friends to lovers, duel timeline, yearly vacations

Poppy Wright and Alex Nelson are each other’s ride or die even though They’re polar opposites. She loves New York city’s wild life and he prefers to stay in his quiet small town home and read books and want more different things from life. But they make sure to continue their annual vacations until something happens two summers ago. Now Poppy decides to fix their friendship as the one last chance by inviting Alex on a trip to Palm Springs. And they definitely realize they’re indeed still the throw-up-in-the-bathroom-but-still-love-them kinda bestie and maybe more…

5. Astronomy – Throttled by Lauren Asher

Tropes: Sports romance/F1 formula 1, Brother’s rival, Forced proximity

 Maya Alatorre decides to join her brother for the F1 race season right after graduating college and spend more time together and figuring life from there. And just like every protective brother Santiago warns her to not get involved with any of the athletes until she meets his team’s rival, Noah Slade. As they start traveling, bumping into each other before every race and different places they grow close to each other but as much it seems Noah could own Maya’s heart she realizes they are just two worlds apart but their story still continues from there till Noah proves her he’s worthy for another chance. 

6. Yours – You’ve Reached Sam by Dustin Thao

Tropes : Friends to lovers /soulmates right person not enough time grief regret memories

7. Jigsaw – Punk 57 by Penelope Douglas

Tropes: Pen pal to lovers, bully Romance, revenge plot, Secret identity

Misha and Ryen had been pen pals since fifth grade and decided to only communicate through letters and never meet. No social media, no phone numbers, no pictures, nothing.. So they had to imagine each other the way they describe in the letters. Thinking the real Ryen Travarrow is a nerd, introverted, shy girl but everything comes crashing down when seven years later Misha discovers the real Ryen who’s exactly the opposite of his imagination. Because Ryen thinks if she changes every part of her everyone would like her more because pointing out the flaws doesn’t help but Misha steps up and helps finding her true self back. And later he realizes why it’s different and she lies and helps her find her true self. 

8. Family line – Binding 13/Keeping 13 by Chloe Walsh

Tropes: Friends to lovers, dysfunctional family, slow burn, found family

The only song that describes the lynch siblings. Growing up in a abusive household Shannon Lynch always lives in fear. Even though her mother tries her hardest to make things easier for her, it still doesn’t help when she has to deal with the same things inside and outside. When someone asks how she gets into this situation she only lies to survive which maybe she inherited from her mother too. 

9. Summer child – Hothouse Flower by Krista and Becca Ritchie

Tropes: Friends to lovers, grumpy x sunshine, mental health

Daisy Callaway is the ultimate definition of summer child as she’s the happiest sunshine girl among her sisters. Everyone thinks she’s a ray of sunshine who never feels mild even when she acts like it. Until grumpy Ryke Meadows helps her find her wild side back. Hothouse Flower is the 2nd book in the Callaway sister series and 7th in the addicted to you series. The couple story can be read as standalone but for better experience it’s recommended to read in order.

Make sure to search up for trigger warnings.

10. Footnote – King of Greed by Ana Huang

Tropes: Marriage in crisis, Second Chance, Groveling

Everyone else sees what Dominic Davenport never sees because he thinks they’re perfect together. But  they’re falling apart as Alessandra realizes she’s losing herself along with her marriage  and decides to leave Dominic. Read my review here  King of greed is the 4th book in the King of sin interconnected series but can be read as standalone. Read the order here.

11. Memories – Love and Other Words by Christina Lauren

Tropes: Lovers to strangers to lovers, second chance, dual timeline

Macy wished everything related to Elliot stayed in her memories until one day Elliott suddenly shows up bringing all the memories back. It’s ruining everything they build over the years and rethinking every choice. But Macy still continues to try and put everything in the past because she’s still traumatized how everything ended but Elliot is not letting her do that while asking for another chance to work on  everything they lost.

12. The Exit – Royal Elite Trilogy by Rina Kent

Tropes: Enemies to lovers, bully romance, shared trauma

Elsa Steel just wants to get done with Royal Elite School and get into her dream university Cambridge but Aiden King is hell bent on making her life miserable. Even when he does things that make her question her entire existence she’s growing attached  to him. As they continue their love-hate relation they realize they share matching wounds that are connected to their past. 

Find some of the reviews of these books on my goodreads <33

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