King of Greed by Ana Huang : Review, Tropes, Aesthetic, Faq

King of Greed by Ana Huang : Review, Tropes, Aesthetic, Faq

King of Greed by Ana Huang : Review, Tropes, Aesthetic, Faq

“How did you act during a first date with someone you’d been married to for ten years?”

Series : Kings of Sin (#3) by Ana Huang

Goodreads : 3.84 stars, 42,001 ratings, 6,387 reviews

Format : 352 pages, Kindle Edition

Published : October 24, 2023

Genres : Romance, Contemporary Romance, Fiction, New Adult, Marriage

Tropes : Billionaire, Marriage in trouble, Second Chance

My Rating : 4 stars

📖 About King of Greed :

King of greed is the 3rd book in the king of sin series. (Check the full series guide + Ana Huang books reading order, here) It follows Alessandra Ferrara and Dominic Davenport. They met in college and have been married for a decade. But over the years and in the previous books we see them falling apart slowly and Alessandra realizes she’s losing herself along with her marriage and decides to leave Dominic. But Dominic is hell-bent on getting her back and making his way to bring back everything they lost. If you read Ana’s “Twisted Love” this book is a bit similar to the last few chapters.

King of Greed Aesthetic :

My Thoughts + Favorite Quotes (Spoiler Free):

One of the biggest mistakes I made before starting this book was definitely reading some negative reviews. Lesson learned never doing that ever again.

“But I realized that was impossible because neither of us was the same person we used to be.”

“She stood less than a foot away, but we might as well be on different continents.”

– Alexa play two ghosts by Harry Styles while I have a mental breakdown.

Dom and àle was definitely everything opposite of what I imagined them and their story to be. I kind of thought they were arranged marriage and failing or falling out of love something like that?? But it was so different from everything.

Of course the whole point of this book is miscommunication as it’s marriage in trouble. Even both of the characters admitted it and worked their way through it. Also one of the best things I love about this book was Dom’s love for àle. I know he’s a jerk and he shouldn’t prioritize his work but he couldn’t stomach the fact of staying away from his love.

– Making paper flowers because he couldn’t afford it back then??? Goshh I’d definitely marry him with paper rings!!

The meet cute, little moments in memories were so cute so it was definitely not surprising to see him groveling so hard to win her back.

It was frustrating and painful at first but it was equally soothing to see them rebuilding everything they lost.

My King of Sin Book Ranking :

King of Greed : 4 stars
King of Wrath : 3.5 stars
King of Pride : 3 stars

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