Forget Me Not by Julie Soto : Review, Tropes, Aesthetic, Faq (2023)

Forget Me Not by Julie Soto is a debut novel which was published on July 11, 2023. And here is my review with tropes, book aesthetic, faqs and books like Forget Me Not by Julie Soto. Read my review on goodreads.

Goodreads : 4.14 stars, 6,882 ratings, 2,042 reviews

Format : 352 pages, Paperback

Published : July 11, 2023 by Forever

Genres : Romance, Contemporary, Contemporary Romance Adult, Fiction, Chick lit, New Adult

Tropes : Second chance, Dual Timeline, Grumpy x Sunshine  Florist x Wedding Planner, Midnight Rain x Sunshine, Forced Proximity

➸⋆My Rating : 4.5 stars

“He looks up at me for the first time. The first time in two years. I want to fuss with my hair, my jacket, my makeup. He actually sees me.”

Pause…  I need a minute……*sobs for 13mins*

My heart is so full right now… I didn’t expect much since I was in a reading slump. But I love everything about this book. From the cover to the aesthetic of this book, the characters, their development especially the writing style I think I haven’t read any book with dual pov + dual timeline yet so it was really amazing to see how the story was told from past and present timelines with dual pov. And I loved EVERY FREAKING BIT OF IT!! The only reason this book is not 5 star for me is I expected a bit more in the ending? Like I really wanted more because of how good the book was.

Forget Me Not by Julie Soto

Also never judge a book by its cover but have you ever read a book just because you loved the cover? Yupp I did that. And I can definitely say the book is as beautiful as the cover looks.

Forget Me Not by Julie Soto

➸ Aesthetic + Moodboard

Forget Me Not by Julie Soto

📖 About this book + Thoughts (Spoiler Free):

Forget Me Not by Julie Soto

↳This book is soooo midnight rain x back to December coded

Forget me not follow Ama Torres who’s an ambitious wedding planner and gets an opportunity that might change her career’s success but soon she realizes she has to work with the boy whose heart she broke 2 years ago. And the story goes on with Ama’s pov as present timeline and Elliot’s pov as past timeline.

“Oh, come on, I’ll let you cross your arms and glare,”

Elliot Bloom is the softest grump who has to take care of the flower shop his father left for him. No matter how much of a burden he thinks handling the business is, he secretly loves it because… “Flowers are better than people.”

And also that’s how he meets Ama when she barges into his shop.And we get to see how they bond and work together and eventually grow close. But the problem is Ama doesn’t believe in love or marriage.As the story progresses in both timeline and pov we see more of the reason behind it and how they fell apart. But as they keep working together Ama realizes too late that she has always loved Elliot and maybe the feeling is real and they can work for it.

  • “It hurts to know that there’s a tattoo I can’t look at or touch. That I can never ask which extinct flower lives on his skin.”
  • “I’m hanging on the edge of a cliff, waiting for her. Always waiting for her.”
  • “My chest shakes with it, as if it won’t ever be full again. Just this morning I’d held her as she slept, and I knew everything was perfect. I’d squeezed myself into her life” I really wanted to cry and give Elliot a hug while reading.

“She may not need to define long-term, but to me, forever sounds nice.” (AMA YOU BETTER MARRY HIM SOON OR I WILL!!)

“He gives me one final glance and marches toward the sliding glass doors. I feel my heart lifting—like maybe we can do this. Like maybe it’ll be like old times where we created magic together. And they do just that…..

“Champagne bubbles float through my mind. A slow dance and a warm hand on my lower back. And as quickly as it comes, it’s gone. And the inside of my chest is cold and damp again.” ↳ There are so many things I liked firstly, I really liked the writing style. I think it’s really cool and perfect with the dual timeline from dual pov.

↳ Ama Torres is the perfect midnight rain character and for a lot of things i felt like i could relate to her.

  • “I know that look. He’s inspired.”
  • “Are you actually going to use any of this?” a gruff voice snaps from somewhere beyond the light of the camera. “Isn’t your show a half hour?”
  • “But alas, yellow Gatorade is my favorite. And I hate that he saved me from eating peanut butter and remembered my favorite Gatorade, all in one day.” ↳ Elliot bloom is definitely my new favorite book boyfriend. Even though she ama broke his heart two years ago HE STILL CARES FOR HER!?? From defending her to taking care of her, feeling proud and inspired Yup , maybe I should just marry him…

“I miss you,” I mutter to the ceiling. “I’m right here.”

↳ Lastly, I really enjoyed this book but it would be perfect for me if there was more in the ending. But as a debut novel I really loved it and I’m definitely gonna read whatever Julie writes next.

(Also kinda spoiler) but are we getting Xanders book!? Guess I’ll have to wait….


FAQ : Forget Me Not by Julie Soto

1. What is Forget Me Not by Julie Soto about?

Forget me not is about Ama Torres and Elliot Bloom. Ama is an ambitious wedding planner and gets an opportunity that might change her career’s success but soon she realizes she has to work with the boy (Elliot) whose heart she broke 2 years ago . And the story goes on with Ama’s pov as present timeline and Elliot’s pov as past timeline.

2.What are the tropes of Forget me not?

* Second chance  * Dual Timeline * Grumpy x Sunshine  * Florist x Wedding Planner *Midnight Rain x Sunshine

3.What is the age rating for Forget Me Not?

16-18+. This book is rated as New Adult and have some explicit scenes.

4.Is Forget Me Not a spicy book?

As a debut novel its perfect.

5.Content warnings for Forget Me Not ?

↳ death of a parent (off-page), grief, Sexual content, anxiety, parental abandonment, divorce

6. Does Forget Me Not have a happy ending?

Yes! even though Ama doesn’t believe in happy endings she eventually get hers with Elliot.

7. Why does Ama breaks Elliot’s heart? (Spoiler)

Ama doesn’t believe in happy endings. Growing up her mother got married a lot and she realized marriage is not the route for her. So, when Elliot proposes her she says no and leaves him.

8. What flowers are mentioned in Forget Me Not ?

Petunias, Poison ivy, Roses, Fuchsia calla lily, Kadupul, Vietnamese orchid, Benjamin franklin tree, St. Helena mountain blush, Valerianella, Amaryllis

9. Will there be any 2nd book?

There is no official news from Julie Soto yet but she teases for new a book at the end of “Forget me not” which will be out soon in 2024.

Update: The new book by Julie Soto is called “Not Another Love Song” which will be out in July 2024!!

10.Books like Forget Me Not…

Final Offer by Lauren Asher, The Worst Best Man by Mia Sosa, Happy Place by Emily Henry, Every Summer After by Carley Fortune, Love and Other Words by Christina Lauren

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